Leica M Tri Elmar 16-18-21mm asph: G € 3900.00. Including finder, front and rear caps. Very small mark on front element, small traces of paint loss. 

SOLD Leica M elmarit  2.8/28mm asph: G/VG  6 bit coded. Including front metal cap and rear cap. No plastic sunhood included. Small paint loss, optics are very clean. 

Leica R 2.8/28mm E48: G €350.00

Leica R 2.0/35mm V2: AV/G €600.00. Some bigger dust particles inside elements. Including caps. 

Leica M summicron 2.0/35mm asph: G/VG € 1700.00. Non 6 bit, no plastic sunhood. Including rear cap. Little dust inside elements. 

Leica M summicron 2.0/35mm goggles 8 elements: € 950.00. Focus little heavy, glass is clear but rear elements/goggles has fungus. Aperture clean. Still good user, pictures with Leica M9 on request. Including rear cap. 

Leica M summilux 1.4/35mm steel rim goggles: G € 3500.00. CLA by Will van Manen, smooth focus, aperture firm. Front element very nice and clean, rear element has etching marks from fungus removal. Perfect companion for your Leica M3. Including rear cap. 

Leica M summicron 2.0/50mm ridgit V2: VG € 950.00

Leica summilux 1.4/50mm asph: VG € 2750.00. Including caps and leather pouch. 

SOLD Canon 0.95/50mm 'dream lens' Leica M mount

Leica M summilux 1.4/50mm: G € 1250.00. Nice user, some dust inside, glass is free of scratches. Including rear cap and sunhood.  

Leica M summarit 2.5/75mm: G € 750.00. 6 bit coding, nice user, some paint loss,  glass is free of scratches. Including rear cap. 

Leica R 1.4/80mm: G € 1650.00. Nice user, some paint loss on the hood. Glass in a good condition,  including rear cap. 

Minolta M Rokkor 4.0/90mm: G € 170.00. Nice user, some paint loss on barrel. Between glass elements some dust particles. Focus is very smooth, aperture firmly.

Leica M apo summicron 2.0/90mm asph : G €2250.00. Non 6bit, stunning portrait lens or nice sharp corners for cropped landscapes. Nice user, small paint loss. A few hair line small scratches probably not affecting picture quality. Focus smooth, aperture firm. Including caps. 




Leica Visoflex 2.0/90mm: G € 400.00. Leica visoflex lenshead, including black adapter for focusing and adapter to Leica R mount. 

1954 Leica M 4.0/90mm elmar: AV/G €125.00 some missing vulcanite on the barrel, some light haze/ dust inside elements, focus smooth, aperture smooth and clean.