NEW! Leica R summicron 2.0/50mm R Only: G € 299,00. Some user marks on the barrel. Focus is smooth, optics very slight haze user close inspection. 


NEW! Leica R 28-70 vario elmar E60: G/VG € 299,00. Some very small marks. Optics in a stunning condition. Hood won't stay in place (common problem with this lens)

NEW! Leica R elmarit 2.8/135mm: G/VG € 199,00. Very small user marks on the barrel. Optics in a very good condition. 

Leica R 1.4/80mm: G € 1399.00. Barrel in a good condition, some paint loss on the hood. Optics in a good condition, no scratches. Some light dust inside elements. Focus is smooth and well damped. Good user lens. including rear cap. 

Leica Visoflex 2.0/90mm, Leica R mount: G € 299.00. Leica visoflex lenshead, including 16462 adapter for focusing and 14127 adapter to Leica R mount. Barrel in a good condition. Only small traces of use. Optics are clear, only small dust particles. Aperture is firm and without traces of oil. 

SOLD Leica R 2.8/28mm E48: G/VG €350.00

SOLD Leica R 2.0/35mm V2 3 CAM

SOLD Leica R 2.0/35mm V2 

SOLD Leica R 2.0/50mm R only

SOLD Leica R 2.0/90mm E55 3 CAM