NEW! Leitz Thambar 90mm 2.2 € 3.999,00. Very attractive black paint vintage Leitz Thambar build in 1938. Barrel normal traces of use and some brassing. Optics are clear considering the age of this lens. Some bigger dust pieces present between lens elements. Focus is very smooth. Aperture blades are free of oil. Ring is a little stif but working perfect. Including original sunhood and cap. Also a LTM to M mount included and newer Leica back cap. 

ON HOLD Leica summicron 2.0/35mm V1, 8 elements LTM Build in 1959. This is the very rare and famous version of the 8 elements in LTM mount. Original version with 1 meter minimal focusing distant. Only 577 pieces ever made. Glass is very clean, no haze or scratches. Very small traces of use on the barrel. Lettering is very sharp. Including bubble case and front cap. Don't miss this stunning piece of Leica history!

Carl Zeiss Jena Sonnar LTM mount € ASK. Interesting piece of pre war photographic history. You can see it has the *T coating, aluminium barrel and probably retrofitted Leica summar focus lever/sneckegang. Optics are reasonable clear, some light haze. From production you can see some tiny air bubbles in the glass. Focus is smooth. Aperture moves smooth but some oil on the blades. Including both caps. * send me a message when you are a expert on pre war Zeiss lenses

NEW! Leica Elmar 50mm 2.8 LTM € 499,00. Build in 1958. Barrel only small traces of use. Optics are clear without fungus or haze. Some small scratches on the front element. Focus is smooth. Including front cap. 

NEW! 1958 Leica Elmar 50mm 2.8 LTM € 399,00. Build in 1958. Barrel in a good condition. Optics reasonable clear but some dust/haze and a few fungus particles inside. Focus is smooth. Including original lens cap.