Carl Zeiss Biogon 4.5/21mm for Contax RF: VG €799,00. Stunning piece. Almost mint condition considering its age. Optics are crystal clear. Focus is smooth, aperture is free from oil. Finder some traces of use. Including caps.

Carl zeiss jena Tessar 8.0/28mm for Contax RF: G € 199,00. This is a very tiny lens with a very beautiful design. Optics slight haze inside. 

Carl Zeiss Planar 3.5/35mm for Contax RF: G €299.00. Focus is smooth. Aperture is stiff to operate, but does turn. 

Carl Zeiss jena Sonar 4.0/135mm: G € 299,00. Nice tele lens for your Contax rangefinder camera. 

Nippon Kogaku P.C Nikkor 2.0/85mm for Contax: VG € 599,00. Beautiful condition. Only small spots on the front element visible under close inspection. Focus is very smooth. Small traces of oil on the aperture.