Leica CL: G/VG € 299,00. Nice condition, some small marks next to the viewfinder. Shutterspeeds sounds accurate. Lightmeter tested with original battery (not included). Perfect for your M 2.0/40mm or M 4.0/90mm. 

NEW! Leica M2 1963: G/VG €799,00. Nice user condition, body some small traces of use, small dent at the upper left. Tiny part of the vulcanite missing under the body cap. Shutter curtain is solid. Shutters speeds seems accurate. Viewfinder is bright, rangefinder patch (double image) is very easy to see. 

Leica M4 1969: G € 699.00. Nice user condition. Some scratches, no big dents. Part of the vulcanite is 'filled' by former owner for better grip. Also some pieces of vulcanite missing. Shutter speeds seems accurate. Viewfinder is bright,  rangefinder patch (double image) is easy to see. 

SOLD Leica M4

SOLD Leica M4

SOLD Leica M5

Leica Minilux: VG € 499.00. Very nice example of the Leica Minilux with the stunning 2.4/40mm Summarit lens. Only small traces of use, including leather pouch and wrist strap.

Leica M7 Test Camera The Netherlands: VG € 2750,00. Including original presentation case and box and papers. Collectors item or daily shooter. Only very small traces of use. 

Leica R4 silver: G €175,00. Nice daily user, only small traces of use. Working light meter. Small engraving of the name of previous owner, bottom plate cover  included.