NEW! Leica M6 TTL, 0.85: VG € 2.250,00. Full CLA by Will van Manen 03-2019. Anti flare filter installed, new 1st shutter curtain. This 0.85 magnification finder is a nice match for your Leica M 50mm lens, easier to focus! Small ding/scratches on the topplate,body. Perfect daily shooter! Including box, strap, warranty card and German manual. 

NEW! Leica M6 classic Panda (104140): VG € For sale after CLA. This is called a panda version because the black knobs combination on the silver chrome body. The story goes that the Leica Factory ran out of silver parts. I think this looks really special and beautiful. Only minor traces of use. Including presentation box and papers. 

Leica M7, 0.72 Test Camera The Netherlands: VG € 2.750,00. Including box and papers. Only very small traces of use. When the M7 was introduced, this camera was delivered only to Leica dealers to show their customers wat was new and exciting about the Leica M7. For the Leica collector or daily shooter!

Leica R8: VG € 499,00. Introduced at Photokina 1996, this Leica R8 is the first of the R series cameras made in Solms. Very nice condition. Only minmal user marks. Including original strap, box and Dutch manual.