On Hold Leica M3, SS, 1964 Nice user camera. Recent CLA end 08-2020 by Amsterdam Camera Repairs. Some marks on the camera housing. Finder is clean. Double image rangefinder patch is easy to see. 

NEW! Leica M2 € 999,00. Manufactured in 1961. Recent CLA by Amsterdam Camera Repairs,  so the camera is in perfect working order. Some normal traces of use on the housing.  Finder is clear and the rangefinder patch is easy to see. Ready to go!

NEW! Leica M2 € 799,00. Manufactured in 1961. Some normal traces of use on the housing. Shutter speeds are fine and the finder is very clear. Rangefinder patch is easy to see. 

ON HOLD Leica M4-P set including Leitz Summicron-C 40mm 2.0. G This camera got plenty of user history. It looks it got some new grip. Finder is clear, rangefinder patch is contrasty. Shutter speeds sounds accurate. Leitz 40mm 2.0 optics are reasonable clean, some small marks. Focus lever is changed to a tie wrap, it looks a bit cheap but it does do the job. Focusing goes smooth. This combo is a perfect piece of kit for the seasoned or beginning  street photographer. 

NEW! Leica MD-2 € 599,00. Very clean camera, some light scuffs. Shutterspeeds seems accurate (not tested with film) Very nice camera for your wide angle M lenses!

Leica M8 'Hermes style edition' G/VG € 1.399,00. Sometimes we have a special digital Leica. Maybe some people will recognize this camera from Joeri van der Kloet. Joeri customized the camera to a very stylish 'Hermes' like edition. The orange wrap does compliment the silver finish very good. Including original box, accessories and matching leather strap. Some small scratches visible on the body/screen. Finder is clear, but some small dust particles trapped inside the finder. 

Leica R8: VG € 499,00. Introduced at Photokina 1996, this Leica R8 is the first of the R series cameras made in Solms. Very nice condition. Only minmal user marks. Including original strap, box and Dutch manual.